Go Go Go!

Posted by annastan on March 28th, 2012. Filed under: Contests, Revision Cave, WIP, Writing the Sequel.

A quick reminder: If you’d like a signed copy of UnFairy Tale Life, I’m giving one away on Goodreads. The contest ends on Friday.

I’ve been plugging away at revising Book 2, hoping to send it to my editor by next week. After getting Agent Joan’s comments on it, I have a clearer plan for what I need to fix. Even though there’s still a good amount to do, the end is in sight. As always, I’ve been working on adding in more humor, developing minor characters, and giving the story a more satisfying arc.

One thing that’s been really keeping me motivated this week is the fact that I’ve gotten two hand-written fan letters from young readers. I can’t tell you how awesome that felt, and how determined it made me to make Book 2 as good as I possibly can.

So, it’s back to work. Who’s with me?

4 Responses to Go Go Go!

  1. Karen Strong

    YES! How exciting to get fan letters. Do it Anna! Go, go go! :)

  2. writeforapples

    What a great thing to get those notes from your readers. Kids are certainly inspiring. :)

  3. John Rea-Hedrick

    Good for you! Also, I’m already entered in the Goodreads giveaway. :) *fingers crossed*

  4. Mirka Breen

    I buckled up and created a Goodreads acct, just because of your giveaway… That site scares me. But we must confront our fears if we are to get anywhere.
    This ties to revision. When I begin, I am terrified. As soon as I have a workable plan of how much and what I will do when, it becomes a challenge, a joy (at its best) and not something to be afraid of.
    GO-go-go indeed.