End-of-the-Year Cover Reveal!

Posted by annastan on December 30th, 2013. Filed under: Announcements, The Prank List.

Since the cover of THE PRANK LIST (sequel to THE DIRT DIARY) popped up on Goodreads the other day, I guess that means I can officially share it with you guys. Yay!

prank list cover

Isn’t it adorable? It makes me smile just as much as the cover of the first book does. I’m so excited to see it out in the world in July.

Speaking of books being out in the world, even though the official release of THE DIRT DIARY isn’t until January 7th, I’ve heard from a few people that they’ve already seen copies in stores. I love how eager my books are to get out there. :-)

12 Responses to End-of-the-Year Cover Reveal!

  1. Laura Pauling

    It’s awesome! Goes perfect with the first one! Congrats!

  2. Vonna Carter

    What a great cover! This will be such a fun series!

  3. Christina Farley

    I love it! It’s so pretty!

  4. Ann Herrick

    Wonderful cover! And even with the spills, that kitchen is tidier than mine. ;)

  5. Katie L. Carroll

    Love it! Can’t wait to see what Rachel cooks up in this one!

  6. Ghenet Myrthil

    I love it! Congrats!!

  7. Mirka Breen

    Adorable, and promising some jinxy fun!

  8. Leandra Wallace

    Those cupcakes look delicious! And I love the font that the titles are in. Congrats, Anna!

  9. Amber Hamilton

    Yay!!! Congrats, Anna!

  10. Amber Hamilton

    Yay!!! Another congrats from Texas!

  11. theartofpuro

    Amazing cover:) Love it!

  12. Anne M Leone

    Woohoo! Love it! And can’t wait to grad a copy of the Dirt Diary!