Why Copyedits Make My Head Spin

Posted by annastan on January 6th, 2014. Filed under: Revision, The Prank List.

I sent in copyedits for THE PRANK LIST yesterday, and my brain is still spinning. For a perfectionist like me, copyedits bring out my worst tendencies. Should that comma go there? Is every line saying exactly what I want it to say? Why do I use the word “just” in every single sentence???

Here are some things I took away from this latest bought with copyedits:

-”Just” is not your friend. Neither is “really.” I must always remember to do a search for these words and delete as many of them as possible, particularly when I have a first-person narrative with a chatty protagonist.

-The world “Realtor” is trademarked so it’s always capitalized. Who knew? Well, I guess the copyeditor did…

-When I go through the copyedited manuscript, I have to focus less on the content and more on each line. That means forcing myself to go slowly through each page and making sure everything looks (and sounds) right.

I’m glad that I only had a few days to do the edits because otherwise I’d probably be laboring over them forever. We perfectionists should not be allowed to deliberate over commas for too long!

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