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Translation News and a Giveaway

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

What’s better than getting good news about a book after it’s been published? Getting good news about a book before it’s been published! I recently found out that DOGOSAURUS REX, my August 2017 picture book illustrated by Kevin Hawkes, is going to be translated into Korean! I can’t wait to see what it will look like!… Read more »

It Only Takes a Day to Write a Picture Book, Right?

Friday, July 19th, 2013

I want to talk about picture books today, but first: I know you guys are itching to read My Sort of Fairy Tale Ending, right? Good news! There are two signed ARCs up for grabs on Goodreads. Goodreads Book Giveaway My Sort Of Fairy Tale Ending by Anna Staniszewski Giveaway ends August 17, 2013. See the… Read more »

A Roaring Announcement and ARCs!

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

I got some roaring good news this week: My picture book, DOGOSAURUS REX, has an illustrator! And it’s the amazing Kevin Hawkes! I couldn’t be more thrilled. You probably know some of his (many many) books: DOG REX is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2015/Winter 2016 which sounds very far away, but I’m hoping the time… Read more »

Contracts, Release Dates, and Copyedits

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Yesterday was a jam-packed day: -My contract for DOGOSAURUS REX, the picture book that will be coming out in 2014, came in the mail. For some reason the contract smelled like tea which made me think how awesome it would be if all contracts were scented. -I got copyedits for MY EPIC FAIRY TALE FAIL… Read more »

3 Things I’ve Learned About Writing Picture Books

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Thank you all so much for celebrating my picture book sale with me last week! If you ever need a reminder of how awesome people are, just announce good news on the interwebs and sit back. I was seriously in awe. Ghenet Myrthil asked me if I had any picture book writing tips to share, so… Read more »