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The Dirt Diary Series

                    Available now! 


Rachel Lee didn’t think anything could be worse than her parents splitting up. She was wrong. Working for her mom’s new house-cleaning business puts Rachel in the grimy bathrooms of the most popular kids in the eighth grade--and digging up some of their secrets. And when it turns out spilling some of those secrets might help Rachel get her family back together, she has to decide if she's willing to get her hands dirty.


Book Trailer:


Read the first chapter of The Dirt Diary HERE.

Download a discussion guide (created by LSU) HERE.


“Holy fried onion rings! The Dirt Diary is fun from beginning to end.”–Wendy Mass, author of 11 Birthdays and The Candymakers

“Another appealing series that promises more goofball humor blended with the real issues of early adolescence.”–Booklist

“Confidently addressing a number of common tween troubles that include bullying, parental divorce, and peer pressure, Staniszewski introduces a determined eighth-grader desperate to get her separated parents back together in this humorous problem novel.”–Publishers Weekly

“Staniszewski neatly captures the pain of a shy young girl with newly separated parents...The quick pace and creative storyline will attract those in the mood for an undemanding, light read.”–Kirkus

“Rachel’s situation and feelings ring true . . .This realistic read is likely to appeal to middle schoolers and reluctant readers.”–School Library Journal

Other Editions:

The first three books in the Dirt Diary series are now available in French!

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